Solution: Wamp port 80 problem with microsoft-httpapi/2.0

Developers often need to work in multiple platform so having a visual studio in your PC while you are working on PHP/MySQL too is not a crime. Generally, PHP programmers love to work with wamp or xampp to create a working environment inside the windows platform. It is too often to face a Wamp port 80 Problem with microsoft-httpapi/2.0 if you have visual studio installed in your computer. Let’s solve this problem.

If you have installed wamp already and have an icon of wamp in your taskbar simply check it like this:



If you see a black screen with the following message:

Your port 80 is actually used by:

Server: Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0

Press Enter to exit…_

Then you can easily assume that your port 80 is being used by the HTTPAPI service of Microsoft IIS server. Some people will advise you to stop the service but I will suggest you not to do so if you really have any future plan to work with Microsoft Visual Studio. You can simply change the configuration for Wamp without hampering neither of them.

Firstly, you have to go through the following steps:


You need to click the wamp Icon from taskbar then go through wamp>apache>httpd.conf

This will come up with the http.conf file in a notepad. From there you need to find out all 80s by pressing ctrl+f and change them with 8080. You will find the following lines with 80 that should be changed with 8080:

Listen 80    –>> Listen 8080

ServerName localhost:80  –>>ServerName localhost:8080

You should save the file pressing ctrl+s and restart all services by going through taskbar wamp icon>Restart All Services.

When the wamp icon gets green just type this in your browser:


Now you are all set with wamp. If you don’t see any microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0 using the port 80 but something else is occupying it, you can also go through the same procedure and use wamp.

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